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"It is always pure joy to practice yoga with Sarah. Her zen energy, precise instruction and soothing voice filled my small apartment with peace, strength and mindfulness"
Debra S.
"The convenience and comfort of practicing out of my own home is beyond comparison to any yoga studio!"
Diane S.
"The best online yoga classes you will find! It was very convenient and easy to set up on the computer. Plus Sarah is an excellent and experienced yoga instructor"

Milena G.
I had one private session with Sarah. She is great, thorough, knowledgeable and very versatile in different styles of yoga. I had a 60-minute session but she went overtime and did it for 80 min. The best part is she does not rush through the practice and make sure your energy flow is complete. She focused on my correct alignment and posture which is the most important thing.
Jigna A.
What a wonderful class! Sarah helped me center and sequenced the class to help me with my current challenge (i.e., my right hip strain from running). I was challenged while being guided to stay aware throughout the flow and to listen to what my body needed. When class ended, I felt like I had the perfect mix of stretching, strengthening and relaxing. Thank you, Sarah!

Theresa C.
"I had been suffering with back pain for the last five years, with just four sessions, Sarah was able to pin point where all my discomfort was coming from. Her ability to guide me through video conference was truly something special. I am happy to say my back is 90% better.  Forever grateful, she is the real deal.  Thank you Sarah!"
Linda A.
"I've been practicing yoga for almost 40 years, and have never had a Yogi like Sarah!  Our recent online yoga class which was as if we were in the same room... Her attention to correct form practicing yoga online, was exactly how it is when we're in one of her regular yoga classes."

Cherrie F.
I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online class. I had taken YouTube classes but this wasn’t anything like that. Sarah’s class was just as good as any in-person private class and significantly more personalized than any regular class. Her cues were on point and the little micro adjustments made each pose much deeper. Sarah has a great energy and confidence and she makes you feel safe and supported. I would highly recommend her as a teacher and I’ve taken many in my 15+ years of practicing.
Michele E.

Hi! I'm Sarah...

I empower humans on a Spiritual Path to Heal form Within and Awaken the Power of their Soul!

I will help you resolve the inner conflicts between what your mind wants and what your Spirit wants.

Learn how to re-unite your Spirit, Mind and Body so you can remember the Path to Unconditional Love & Compassion and serve the world in the way you are meant to serve.


Sarah Ceo
Traditional Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Holistic Life Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher

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90 Day Awakening & Empowerment Program

  • Trust Your Intuition and take Inspired Leaps of Faith

  • Make Confident Choices Aligned your Passion and Purpose

  • Heal Your Past & Follow Your Heart to Manifest the Life You Desire

  • Serve and Make a Difference as you Walk Your Path of Love & Light

  • Gain a deep understanding of how you’re creating your reality

  • Let your Soul Guide You to make changes that bring you lasting, profound and sustainable Inner Peace and Healing!

During this course I will guide you to the next level of Spiritual awakening, clarity and purpose by helping you find the part of yourself that is ready to heal, get unstuck, leave your old mind created obstacles behind, and LIVE a life you truly LOVE!

Learn how to identify with the flow of pure energy! Instead of walking around with tension and anxiety, walk around feeling love, openness, beauty and gratitude. This is how Spirit feels...  Spirit always feels good, open and light!
90 Day Awakening & Empowerment Program